Senior Finance Manager
Feb 2011 – May 2014

I graduated with a BBA Degree in Finance and Economics at Texas State University, San Marcos and acquired just under 2 years’ experience in Operations Management as a Controller before joining the Mohawk Finance team. In just under 6 months I was promoted to a Senior position based on the trust that Senior Management put in me. I had a seat at the table and felt that my contributions were valuable and taken into consideration by my team. I had taken on more of a financial analyst role that gave me exposure to our Sales and Manufacturing segments for Mohawk's flooring business unit. I wasn’t just a scorekeeper of numbers. It was actually exciting for me to become more of a game changer in this role.

Director, Finance, Planning and Operations
May 2014 – Sept 2015

Fast forward to 2014, I already had an MBA under my belt that I pursued at the University of West Georgia with the help of Mohawk’s Tuition Reimbursement Program. I had quite the exhilarating experience being in the driver’s seat for an entire business segment where I took charge of the P & L and took calculated risks in taking initiatives to help grow one of our business segments. I could not have accomplished the many entrepreneurial exploits without the support I gained from upper management. The open door policy we have here at Mohawk allowed me to have direct access to members of our Executive Leadership Team (ELT). In fact, some of them have played an instrumental role in serving as mentors who have helped elevate my career to where I am today.

Director, Operations, Logistics, and Pricing
Oct 2015 to Present

Stepping into this role has allowed me to take on new challenges with my team. We’re responsible for delivering revenue to the bottom line in all that we do for the logistics side of our business segment. Being recognized as a high potential for our Executive Leadership Development Program was quite an honor. The growth opportunities that came with this program through the training workshops, team building with colleagues from other areas of the business, project assignments, and exposure to our executive leaders was absolutely priceless.

I love my team; especially since I’m in a position to pay-it-forward by coaching my associates and see them also blossom into leaders within our operations, logistics or pricing teams. We are all driven to make Mohawk remain the leader in the industry and we’re not afraid of bringing unique and innovative ideas to the table to keep us on top. It therefore came as no surprise to me when we were recognized by the Top Employer Institute for creating a great work environment for our employees.

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