To ensure production of ceramic tile in accordance with manufacturing requirements, ensuring that products are made safely, within specification, on time, and within budget. Oversee technical activities for presses, driers, as well as kilns, maintenance and operations (development, maintenance, troubleshooting




  • Ensure that installations, equipment, and tools within the department are functioning safely and are operated according to approved procedures.

  • Define and enforce safety and housekeeping standards; identify and eliminate hazards.


  • Plan department activities (e.g., material ordering, production, maintenance, product changes) to ensure that output and quality satisfy standards as well as production schedule.

  • Verify accuracy and timeliness of production records and logs.

  • Minimize waste and delays in production.


  • Ensure that operating procedures and quality controls are executed properly.

  • Liaise with Laboratory regarding quality; oversee adjustment to process parameters.

  • Ensure routine upkeep and maintenance of department installations and equipment, and availability of spare parts; schedule equipment changes as needed (e.g., die changes).

  • Develop proposals resulting in improved cost, quality, quantity, and process.

  • Coordinate product development activities with other manufacturing departments.

  • Coordinate projects for installation/overhaul of equipment.


  • Hire and develop new employees.

  • Schedule manpower, including time off (vacation, holidays, etc.). Verify timesheets.

  • Define work standards and procedures, and ensure that they are followed.

  • Address inappropriate behavior through disciplinary procedures.

  • Assess training requirements of team; provide training.

  • Ensure effective communication with teams and among teams.


  • Work with other manufacturing departments to address quality or productivity problems.

  • Liaise with Italian Engineering Department and Italian OEMs during modifications to existing equipment or installation of new equipment.



  • Requires a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Management/Ceramics/Engineering.

  • Requires knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel and Word).

  • Knowledge of ceramic industry and ISO quality standards preferred.

  • Knowledge of hydraulic and electrical manufacturing equipment. Familiarity with SACMI presses and dryers used in ceramic tile pressing, as well as punches, dies, grids, and spare parts. Familiarity with roller hearth kilns, line setup, production changes and electrical/electronic troubleshooting of presses and driers.

  • Experience with ceramic tile processes, and factors affecting efficiency and quality (min 8 years).

  • Ability to troubleshoot production problems relating to the pressing and kiln departments by identifying root causes and implementing solutions.

  • Calculate machine settings and material requirements, using concepts of algebra and engineering

  • Core competencies include strong communications and listening skills, strong organizational skills, ability to delegate, and ability to organize, analyze and interpret data. Ability to plan, schedule, relate ideas and coordinate priorities. Ability to train, motivate, and coach employees. Strong electrical background.

Job ID 2017-31850

FLSA Status Exempt

Company DAL-TILE


Job Group Manufacturing